, , , , , , , , , , & , Singlemode chalcogenide fiber infrared SNOM probes, Ultramicroscopy 77, 77–81 (1999). DOI  PDF


We have fabricated and tested infrared scanning near-field optical microscope (IR-SNOM) probe tips made from singlemode chalcogenide fiber. The process used to create the tips was similar to conventional micropipette-puller techniques, with some modifications to allow for the lower melting temperature and tensile strength of the chalcogenide fiber. SEM micrographs, showing tips with sub-micrometer physical dimensions, demonstrate the feasibility of this process. Topographical data obtained using a shear-force near-field microscope exhibits spatial resolution in the range 80–100 nm. Optical data in the infrared (near 3.5$\mu$m), using the probe tips in collection mode, indicates an optical spatial resolution approximately $\lambda/15$.

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