Courses Taught

Some of the classes I have offered in recent years, including pointers to upcoming courses and other resources, when they are available. Classes are listed only for the most recent time I have taught them.


  • Global Climate Change

    This course, for undergraduate and graduate students, has three major parts:

    1. The basic scientific principles of the earth’s climate.

    2. Impacts and possible responses to climate change.

    3. The politics of climate change.

    A laboratory section gives students a chance to analyze climate data and work with interactive computer models of the climate system.

  • Data Science Methods for Smart City Applications

    A University Course offered under the auspices of the Vanderbilt Strategic Plan, this team-taught, project-based course will integrate technological and socio-economic approaches to challenges facing metropolitan areas experiencing unprecedented growth. It will address the infrastructure and resources needed for sustainable development and to maintain quality of life.


  • Agent- and Individual-Based Computational Modeling

    This course (for undergraduate and graduate students) introduces agent-based and individual-based computational modeling with applications to ecological, social, and behavioral sciences and engineering. It covers designing and programming models and using the mnodels to conduct experiments.