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  • Improving Climate Change Mitigation Analysis A major new paper in the journal One Earth from a collaboration between U.S. and European authors on the importance of incorporating behavioral, cultural, social, and political considerations into integrated assessment models of greenhouse gas emissions pathways, especially in the context of the IPCC process. Abstract: Limiting global warming to 2°C or less compared with pre-industrial temperatures will require unprecedented rates of decarbonization globally. The scale and scope of transformational change required across sectors and actors in society raises critical questions of feasibility.

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  • All That Performative Environnmentalism Adds Up Annie Lowery has a new article in The Atlantic, “All That Performative Environmentalism Adds Up,” in which she considers the ways in which actions by individuals and households can play important roles in promoting effective policy actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. What communities do, laws reflect—this is another reason to act on climate change, and urgently. “We’re part of a society, where people interact with companies, companies interact with the government, and people interact with the government.

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Recent Publications

  • & , Climate law and policy: Forks in the road, Duke Environmental Law and Policy Forum 31, 163–173.
  • & , Beyond wickedness: Managing complex systems and climate change, Vanderbilt Law Review 73, 1177–1810.
  • et al., Extreme weather and marriage among girls and women in Bangladesh, Global Environmental Change 65, 102160.
  • et al., Improving climate change mitigation analysis: A framework for examining feasibility, One Earth 3, 325–336.

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