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  • Dangerous Assumptions Revisited Comparisons of observed trends of energy and carbon intensity in the global economy to trends implied by emissions scenarios used in policy analysis suggested that those scenarios were severely over-optimistic about the rate at which the world would spontaneously decarbonize its economy. I update these analysis, using global emissions since 2005, and find that observed rates of decarbonization are not far behind those implied by the RCP 4.5 policy scenario. This suggests that the policy challenge may not be as difficult as previous work has reported.

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  • My Book Reviewed in Science Magazine

    Faced with Government Inaction, Private Firms Emerge as Major Players in Climate Mitigation

    In a thoughtful and far-ranging new book, Michael P. Vandenbergh and Jonathan M. Gilligan turn that view upside down. Both from Vanderbilt University—Vandenbergh a lawyer and Gilligan a professor of civil and environmental engineering—the authors help explain why firms from Coca-Cola to UPS are motivated to be leaders in cutting emissions. …

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Recent Publications

  • Topic modeling the president: Conventional and computational methods,” , , & , George Washington Law Review.
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  • Climate modeling: Accounting for the human factor,” , Nature Climate Change 8, 14–15.
  • Widespread infilling of tidal channels and navigable waterways in human-modified tidal deltaplain of southwest Bangladesh,” et al., Elementa 5, 78.
  • A machine-learning approach to forecasting remotely sensed vegetation health,” , , & , International Journal of Remote Sensing 39, 1800–1816.

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