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  • Beyond Politics is one of the top environmental books of the last 50 years

    My book, Beyond Politics was included in a list of the top environmental books of the last 50 years in a retrospective by Oliver A. Houck and G Tracy Mehan in Environmental Forum, published by the Environmental Law Institute.

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  • A Framework for Assessing Private Climate Governance Mike Vandenbergh and I have a new paper out, in the journal Energy Research & Social Science, on our three-part framework for assessing the impacts of private cliamte governance. We discussed our three-part framework in previous writing, such as “Accounting for Political Feasibility”, “Beyond Gridlock”, and Beyond Politics. Here, we discuss some practical steps toward applying the framework to assessing the prospects and potential impacts of private climate governance and some of the research needs and priorities for using our framework more broadly.

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Recent Publications

  • et al., Random forest analysis of two household surveys can identify important predictors of migration in Bangladesh, Journal of Computational Social Science.
  • & , A framework for assessing the impact of private climate governance, Energy Research and Social Science 60, 101400.
  • et al., Eight grand challenges in socio-environmental systems modeling, Socio-Environmental Systems Modeling 2, 16226.
  • , , & , Avoiding ‘day-zero’: A testbed for evaluating integrated food-energy-water management in Cape Town, South Africa, in N. Mustafee et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the 2019 Winter Simulation Conference (IEEE Press).

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