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  • This past winter in Nashville was unusually warm and rainy. And it looks like spring will be, too. I was quoted in a story at the Tennessean about the unusually warm and wet winter in 2018–19: “Winters have gotten so warm in the last 20 or so years that people forget. Weather that wouldn’t have been remarkably cold 30 or 40 years ago seems extraordinarily cold today.”

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  • New paper on employers who offer energy efficiency benefits to their employees

    I have a new paper in the journal Energy Efficiency, co-authored with Alex Maki, Emmett McKinney, Mike Vandenbergh, and Mark Cohen, about employers who offer employee benefits to promote energy efficiency.

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Recent Publications

  • et al., Eight grand challenges in socio-environmental systems modeling, Socio-Environmental Systems Modeling 2, 16226.
    ABSTRACT DOI  PDF in press
  • , , & , Avoiding ‘day-zero’: A testbed for evaluating integrated food-energy-water management in Cape Town, South Africa, in N. Mustafee et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the 2019 Winter Simulation Conference (IEEE Press).
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  • , Expertise across disciplines: Establishing common ground in interdisciplinary disaster research teams, Risk Analysis.
  • , Modelling diet choices, Nature Sustainability 2, 661–662.

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