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  • Are Cops on the Science Beat? It is important to keep outright falsehoods out of journalism and the scientific literature. Creationism and fear-mongering about vaccine safety do not deserve equal time with biological and medical science. But in matters of regulatory science, where there is not a clear consensus on methods and where it is impossible to strictly separate factual judgments from political ones, the literature on science in policy offers strong support for keeping discourse open and free, even though it may become heated. But it also calls on individual scientists to consider how the results of their research and their public statements about it are likely to be used.

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  • NSF awards $13 million for research on how humans, environment interact

    My new research project in Bangladesh, with Kimberly Rogers, Amanda Carrico, Katharine Donato, and Carol Wilson, was featured in the National Science Foundation’s announcement of this year’s grants for research on coupled human-natural systems.

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Recent Publications

  • A machine-learning approach to forecasting remotely sensed vegetation health,” , , & , International Journal of Remote Sensing.
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  • Beyond politics: The private governance response to climate change, & (Cambridge University Press).
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  • Are cops on the science beat?,” , Issues in Science and Technology 34, 6–8.
  • Climate and community: The human rights, livelihood, and migration impacts of climate change,” et al., in D. Manou et al. (eds.), Climate change, migration, and human rights, 189–202 (Routledge).
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