Current Research Projects

I am currently pursuing research in five areas:

  1. Water Conservation in US cities: A multidisciplinary analysis of hydrological, political, and social dimensions of water management and conservation policy in US metropolitan areas.

  2. Environmental stress and human migration in southwestern Bangladesh: A comparison of co-evolving natural and human landscapes in a physically and culturally diverse context.

  3. Agricultural decision-making and adaptation to precipitation trends in Sri Lanka: Studying the impacts of water stress on paddy farmers in the Mahaweli River Watershed of Sri Lanka and understanding the factors that facilitate or constrain adaptive responses.

  4. New directions in US climate policy: Integrating insights from social and behavioral science, engineering, and legal scholarship to develop pragmatic approaches that could quickly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the US during a time when major federal regulations seem unlikely.

  5. Data-driven approaches to understanding the impacts of gentrification on vulnerable populations, with a focus on air quality and access to mobility and public transit.

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