, , , , , , , & , Infrared wavelength-selective photodesorption on diamond surfaces, Applied Surface Science 129, 59–63 (1998). DOI  PDF


We report first studies of photodesorption from diamond films using the Vanderbilt Free-Electron Laser at two infrared wavelengths: 3.5 micron, corresponding to localized absorption by C-H bonds at grain boundaries, and 5 micron, corresponding to two-phonon absorption by the bulk diamond. At 3.5 micron we observe two photodesorption thresholds at fluences well below the onset of ablation. In contrast, at 5 micron, a single photodesorption threshold is identified at a fluence which is close to the second fluence threshold, obseved at 3.5 micron. These experiments shed light on the physics of wavelength selective desorption through non-electronic channels.

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