Webinar on Incorporating Behavior Change into Socio-Environmental Systems Models

In June, I gave the keynote talk for a webinar and panel discussion at the National Socioenvironmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) about incorporating behavior change into socio-environmental systems models. The video of the event has now been posted to SESYNC’s YouTube channel

Expanding the development and use of socio-environmental system (SES) models is critical to solving urgent problems situated at the human-nature interface. Substantial progress is being made, but modeling challenges associated with a range of diverse issues remain. This is the fifth in a series of webcasts based on my 2020 article with Sondoss Elsawah and others, “Eight grand challenges in socio-environmental systems modelling."

This webinar and panel discussion event focused on the critical challenge of incorporating the human dimension in SES modeling. My talk presented the state of the art in modeling behavioral change, fundamental scientific challenges, and promising research directions.

The other panelists, who spoke and provided detail about how their work addresses the challenges of bringing realistic human behavior into socioenvironmental systems modeling were: