New paper on employers who offer energy efficiency benefits to their employees

I have a new paper in the journal Energy Efficiency, co-authored with Alex Maki, Emmett McKinney, Mike Vandenbergh, and Mark Cohen, about employers who offer employee benefits to promote energy efficiency.

The paper draws on a combination of reports by employers and a survey of 482 people about what energy-efficiency benefits their employers offer and their opinions about such benefits.

The survey found that 17% of employees are offered some kind of energy-efficiency benefits, and employees value these both for financial reasons (saving money on energy bills) and because they care about the environment.

We also found that employees who work for employers that offer energy-efficiency benefits report higher job satisfaction, even after controlling for factors such as income, job classification, and access to other (more traditional) types of benefits.

A. Maki, E. McKinney, M.P. Vandenbergh, M.A. Cohen, and J.M. Gilligan, “Employee energy benefits: what are they and what effects do they have on employees?Energy Efficiency (Advance online publication 2018). doi: 10.1007/s12053-018-9721-x