Bangladesh's geography will naturally counter sea level rise until it becomes too rapid due to climate change

Environmental scientist Jonathan Gilligan talks to Climate Tribune. Sea level rise is a concern in all coastal regions in the world. Bangladesh happens to be among the most vulnerable areas. But for all the talk about how vulnerable the country is, the river laden land has evolved to create mechanisms that naturally counter sea level rise. Environmental scientist Jonathan Gilligan says this aspect is often not understood. This is not to say there is no risk from human induced sea level rise and all the commotion about part of the country submerging underwater deserves less attention.

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Vanderbilt researchers studying Bangladesh for harbinger of climate change impact

Bangladesh uniquely interests U.S. climate change researchers for a pair of reasons: Its place on the globe makes it particularly vulnerable to devastating weather events, and it’s a predominantly Muslim nation that maintains a secular, pro-Western outlook.

Vanderbilt University’s Jonathan Gilligan, associate professor of earth and environmental sciences, Steven Goodbred, professor of earth and environmental sciences, Brooke Ackerly, professor of political science, and their team travel there frequently though funding from the Office of Naval Research, The National Science Foundation, and other agencies, using Bangladesh as a climate change harbinger for our own coastal regions. Particularly evident is the way land use mismanagement, similar to what happens here, has affected flooding.

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